Plasma Surface Engineering Laboratory

Recent Publications (selection)


A. Weckmann, P. Petersson, M. Rubel, E. Fortuna-Zalesna, W. Zielinski, B. Romelczyk-Baishya, E. Grigore, C. Ruset; A. Kreter, Ageing of structural materials in tokamaks: TEXTOR liner study , Physica Scripta,Vol. T170, 14053, (2017)

M. Laan, A. Hakola, P. Paris, K. Piip, M. Aints, I. Jogi, J. Kozlova, H. Mandar, C. Lungu, C. Porosnicu, E. Grigore, C. Ruset, J. Kolehmainen, S. Tervakangas, Dependence of LIBS spectra on the surface composition and morphology of W/Al coatings , Fusion Eng. & Design 121, pp. 296-300, (2017)

C. Ruset, D. Falie, E. Grigore, M. Gherendi, V. Zoita, KD. Zastrow, G. Matthews, X. Courtois, J. Bucalossi, J. Likonen, The emissivity of W coatings deposited on carbon materials for fusion applications , Fusion Eng. & Design, 114, pp.192-195, (2017)

M. Mayer, S. Krat, A. Baron-Wiechec, Yu Gasparyan, K. Heinola, S. Koivuranta, J. Likonen, C. Ruset, G. de Saint-Aubin, A. Widdowson, Erosion and deposition in the JET divertor during the second ITER-like wall campaign , Physica Scripta,Vol. T170, (2017)

E. Grigore, C. Ruset, M. Gherendi, D. Chioibasu, A. Hakola, Thermo-mechanical properties of W/Mo markers coatings deposited on bulk W , Physica Scripta, Vol. T167, (2016)

C. Desgranges, M. Firdaouss, C. Hernandez, C. Martin, C .Ruset, E. Grigore, M. Missirlian, F. Samaille, J. Bucalossi, Study of the pores inside tungsten coating after thermal cycling for fusion device,, Physica Scripta, Vol. T167, (2016)

C. Ruset, E. Grigore, C. Luculescu, I. Tiseanu, J. Likonen, M. Mayer, M. Rubel, GF. Matthews Investigation on the erosion/deposition processes in the ITER-like wall divertor at JET using glow discharge optical emission spectrometry technique , Physica Scripta, Vol. T167, (2016)

M. Mayer, S. Krat, W. Van Renterghem, A. Baron-Wiechec, S. Brezinsek, I. Bykov, P. Coad, Y.Gasparyan, K. Heinola, J. Likonen, A. Pisarev, C. Ruset, G. de Saint-Aubin, A. Widdowson, Erosion and deposition in the JET divertor during the first ILW campaign , Physica Scripta, Vol. T167, (2016)

M. Maier, M. Rasinski, U. von Toussaint, H. Greuner, B. Boswirth, M. Balden, S. Elgeti, C. Ruset, GF. Matthews, Kinetics of carbide formation in the molybdenum-tungsten coatings used in the ITER-like Wall , Physica Scripta, Vol. T167, (2016)

E. Grigore, C. Ruset, M. Rasinski, M.Gherendi, GF. Matthews, The structure of the tungsten coatings deposited by Combined Magnetron Sputtering and Ion Implantation for nuclear fusion applications, , Fusion Eng. & Design, 98-99, 1314-1317, (2015)

C Ruset, H Maier, E Grigore, G F Matthews, G De Temmerman, A Widdowson, Tungsten coatings under high thermal loads in JET and Magnum-PSI , Physica Scripta, Vol. T159, (2014)

E. Grigore, C. Delacôte, C. Thobie-Gautier, M. Boujtita, P. Y. Tessier, Ultra-thin films on transparent conductor oxides for the development of spectro-electrochemical transducers, Applied Surface Science 276 , 306-311, (2013) , Physica Scripta,Vol. T159, (2014)

MEdC chosen to provide tungsten coatings for JET, Fusion News, Newsletter Vol.3, December 2009

ITER development progresses: Romanian scientists develop reinforced coat for fusion reactor, News Alerts on EU Research, Brussels, 14 August 2009


E. Grigore, C. Ruset, M. Firdaouss, P. Petersson, I. Bogdanovic Radovic, Z. Siketic He depth profile measurements within W coatings by using Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometry (GDOES),The 11-th Asian-European International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering, 11-15 Sept. 2017, Koreea

C. Ruset, E. Grigore, M. Mayer, H. Greuner, B. Böswirth, C. Luculescu, M. Gherendi, C.P. Dhard, M. Laux, C/Mo marker coatings for measurement of erosion in the stellarator Wendelstein 7-X, 16-th International Conference on Plasma-Facing Materials and Components for Fusion Applications, 16- 19 May 2017, Neuss/Düsseldorf, Germany

E. Grigore, C. Ruset, M. Gherendi, M. Firdaouss, Investigation of the He content within W coatings by using GDOES , 17th International Conference on Plasma Physics and Applications, CPPA 2017, Bucharest-Romania